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07 June 2024

At UC there are exams in the middle and at the end of each year. Make sure you check the dates and times for your exams carefully. Excluding circumstances outside your control, you are expected to take your exams at the dates and times specified. Here is what you need to know about examinations at UC.


The runs twoExamination Periods, in June and October/November.

The 2024 Mid-Year Examinations willtake place from Monday 10 June to Saturday 22 June, inclusive. Please note, there are no exams on Sundays.

The 2024 End-of-Year Examinations will take place from Tuesday 29 October to Saturday 9 November, inclusive. Please note, there are no exams on Sundays. Monday 28 October is Labour Day public holiday.

The 2024 Mid-Year Preliminary Examination Timetable will be available by the end of term 1 teaching.

The 2024 Mid-YearFinalExamination timetablewill be available late on Friday 31 May.

The Examinations Office will send out your Preliminary and Final Personal Exam Timetables via email.

The Preliminary Exam Timetable will include the date, time, duration and format of your exams.

The Final Exam Timetable will include the date, time, duration,format, room/venue, and the exam conditions for each of your exams.

Please make sure that you check the dates and times of your examinations carefully. Students are expected to be available to sit their exams at the dates/times scheduled unless there are exceptional reasons outside of their control.

Any adjustedlocation or start times will be on your Final Personal Timetable. If you do not receive this information, please contact the Examinations Office.

It is your responsibility to check

the date, time and location of your exams and to download any necessary software to complete the exam.

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