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Emergency information

02 October 2023

UC has a comprehensive emergency management policy, protocols, and structure in place to make sure we're well prepared to respond and can recover if there's a natural disaster or another critical event. Get up to speed with emergency information at UC.

Emergency event on campus

Direct dial UC Security: 0800 823 637

Ext. 92111 (From a campus landline)

Emergency services (police, fire, ambulance)

Direct dial: 1 1 1 (from any phone)

If you are on UC Campus, UC Security MUST be notified anytime Emergency Services are called. This so we can guide the Emergency Services within the Campus to help you quickly.

Campus Security

0800 823 637 (FREE from any phone)

Emergency Management Team

Universities and other tertiary institutions worldwide are increasingly aware of the need for risk assessment, mitigation and planning to address the potential impacts of natural disasters including floods, earthquakes and storms, and events including fire, aggression and hazardous substances.

UC has a comprehensive emergency management policy, protocols and structure in place to ensure the University is well prepared to respond and recover should a natural disaster or other critical event occur.

All right?

Are you all right? Natural disasters, like the earthquakes we have experienced in Canterbury, can have a major impact on people’s mental health.

Please ensure that you look after yourself, family and friends at this time. The following website can provide you with some helpful information: (Civil Defence Emergency Management Canterbury).

During an emergency
Preparing for an emergency
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