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Our values

Ngā Uara

16 October 2023

At UC we value manaakitanga, whanaungatanga, and tiakitanga. These values guide what we do and how we do things. They challenge and inspire us to empower others and be the best we can in our work, studies, and interactions with each other. Learn more about our values.


Values we embrace

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Underpinning our values are the attributes of:

  • Tika- doing what is right, being professional and maintaining high standards,
  • Pono-being honest, truthful and acting with integrity,
  • Aroha- being respectful, responsive and empathetic.

Kia tika, kia pono, kia aroha - doing what is right with integrity and empathy- This is how we check in on how well we are living the values.

At the centre of our attributes is utu- reciprocation and balance. Utu is linked to retaining mana and recognises the link between actions and reactions and that all actions require an appropriate response, whether positive or negative.

Living these values aligns with our aspiration to create greater equity and collaboration, and to achieve the goals of our Strategic Vision 2020-2030.

Defining our values

UC’s values were defined by our staff and shaped by a team atTe Waka Pākākano | Office of the Assistant Vice-Chancellor Māori, Pacific and Equity, using a Māori values paradigm and a Māori world view.

Each value was attributed a whakataukī, or saying, to facilitate deeper understanding.

You can learn and practice the pronunciation of each whakataukīhere.

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